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Interview with Wade Sampson!

OLD RAGTIME: When did you start playing music?

WADE: As long as I can remember I have been singing. My parents have told me that when I was a baby & started crying all they had to do was put on a Beatles album and I would instantly be quiet and listen & try to sing along. I sang for my first band in middle school. I began playing guitar at 13. I didnt really take guitar seriously until I was about 18. Ive never really had formal lessons but being in a touring band with a few amazing guitarists was an excellent learning experience for me. Ive really had to work hard since my accident to regain my skills but just like anything else if you set your mind to it you can accomlish your goals.

OLD RAGTIME: Who are some of your musical influences?

WADE SAMPSON: My influences are pretty wide spread. I am partial to good old rock & roll. Some of my favorites are The Beatles, Kiss, Alice Cooper, AC/DC, Old Aerosmith ,Motown & soul artists like Otis Redding & Sam Cooke. I love all kinds of music & enjoy blues, 70's funk, oldies, punk ,old school country ,rockabilly, rap & classical too.

OLD RAGTIME: Do you plan to play music for the rest of your life?

WADE SAMPSON: Certainly. It's in my blood. As long as I have a guitar & someone who will listen I will play. I also produce bands & singers. I have had some communication with Bob Ezrin via e-mail. (Ezrin is the producer who produced Pink Floyd's The Wall, Kiss, & Alice Cooper) He was very impressed with my production work on a Kiss song I did for a Kiss tribute album. Obviously a huge moment for me & a very humbling & encouraging experience for sure coming from one of my heroes. So that is something I will continue to do as well.I have a mobile recording unit & see my self being involved with recording others for the rest of my life. Most likely on a local level.

OLD RAGTIME: Do you have any albums out?

WADE SAMPSON: I do. I have a 3 song EP of original music that was released in 2001 & I also was asked to contribute to 2 internationally released Kiss tribute albums that were a underground success. You can check out the Kiss Tribute album's web site at . I also do tons of home recording & have a pretty good catalouge of music I havent officially released but give out to those who want to hear it. If anyone wants a copy just give me a blank CD & I'll hook you up or you can go to my myspace page & download my music for free. (

OLD RAGTIME: How far do you plan to go with your musical career?

WADE SAMPSON: Well, in my late teens & early 20's I toured pretty much non-stop. The music business is a vicious one & I cant see myself trying to "make it" at this age & time. With all the internet downloading ,making a living as a recording artist has almost become a lost art. I would rather be involved in music on a local or state level helping to develop new talent at this point. And I really enjoy playing clubs as well. Music demands a lot of travelling & I have a family & want to be there for my daughters. I havent been involved in music as a career for many years. I have been a winemaker.I have had multiple brain injuries & lost my sense of smell in the process thus ending a 15 year run in the wine industry. Im here a WWRC just like everyone else, to get vocational training & the skills I need to get back on my feet & hopefully to return to the workforce. Im just a student who happens to know a few chords & can sing a few tunes.

OLD RAGTIME: Are you excited about the upcoming show on the 11th of June?

WADE SAMPSON: I really am. I'd be lying if I said I wasnt nervous since it's been so long since Ive been on stage. This is a huge part of my recovery & am proud to do it here. I have put together a very nice set of acoustic music that covers a pretty wide spectrum of styles.

Im hoping that me performing here will be a fun thing for the students & we all know we can always use some fun during the week. I hope it becomes something we can do every few months. I also hope that any students with musical talent ,be it singing or playing an instrument, will come together & maybe we can start a weekly jam session & maybe even put on a performance in the future. If this sounds like something you'd be in to dont be afraid to come to me & talk about it. I want to thank everyone here for all the support & love. I truly hope to see all of you Weds. June 11th. Thanks so much!


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