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SGA Bylaws

On this page you will find the Student Government Association Bylaws for Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center.

WWRC Student Government Association

Article I:  Name, Mission, Vision, and Purpose


A.     Name: The name of the organization shall be the Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center (WWRC) Student Government Association (SGA).


B.    Mission: We the students of the SGA in partnership with the staff of WWRC and the Department of Rehabilitative Services (DRS) work to assist all students of WWRC in order to achieve their goals as identified in their Individualized Plan of Employment (IPE) as well as to support the achievement of the mission of DRS and WWRC.


C.    Vision:


a.      Who are we?

        We are students and clients of WWRC.

        We are representatives of our many communities

        We are role models


b. What are we about?

        We are willing participants in a program at WWRC to meet our goals of (1) growth in areas of vocational training as well as personal, physical, social, and/or emotional growth, and (2) to expand economic opportunities by strengthening personal growth.

        We support the goal attainment of others by promoting an atmosphere where personal growth is encouraged.

        We work with the staff and each other to promote a positive and supportive environment.

        We respect the opinions and feelings of others.

        We approach people’s concerns and issues honestly with the intent of improving WWRC’s environment.

        We are contributors to the planning and improvement of WWRC programs at all levels.


c. How will we achieve our goals?

        We will interact constructively with the staff and engage other resources.

        We will accept, with dignity, the challenges our disabilities present and take pride in our accomplishments as we fulfill the requirements of our programs.

        We will expect much of ourselves in attaining our goals and help our peers in reaching theirs.

        By presenting a positive image of ourselves and showing mutual respect for others, we will strengthen the positive atmosphere of WWRC.

        We will carry our positive images out into our communities.


d. Why is a vision statement necessary?

        The world is ever changing; therefore we must adapt to meet these changes to keep pace and ensure our place in society, thus showing we are more than “just” people with disabilities, but people with abilities. (Five (5) point Vision Statement adopted March 1995, revised in June of 2001)


D.    Purpose: The purpose of the SGA is to provide the students of WWRC an avenue to express their opinions, concerns, and suggestions that are related to the Center; to provide the clients with a means to participate in the development and implementation of various policies and programs that directly affect them; to sponsor activities and programs to benefit the membership, including revenue generation; and to work with the Executive Committee of the SGA to share information that will enhance the living, learning, and working environment of WWRC


Article II: Membership


A.     The SGA is composed of enrolled clients of WWRC who are in an active status


B.    Termination of membership occurs when a client graduates or is terminated or suspended from their program at WWRC


C.    Reinstatement of membership occurs when a student re-enrolls in a program at WWRC or returns to a program at WWRC


Article III: Meetings


A. Place of General Membership – All general membership meetings of the SGA will be held in the WWCR Dining Hall


B. Time of General Membership Meetings – General membership meetings are held the first Monday of every month at 5:00 p.m. unless otherwise publicized. If a meeting date is changed by the Executive Committee the President,   through the Secretary, must notify students of the new meeting date at least two weeks in advance of the change.


C.    Agenda for General Membership Meetings – The following agenda will be a suggestion for each general membership meeting:


        Call to order

        Reading of the minutes of the last meeting

        Reading of the Treasurer’s report

        Standing committee reports

        Old business

        New business

        Issues and answers

        Student of the month awards

        Door prizes



D.    Executive Committee meetings – Executive Committee meetings of the SGA are held each week to transact SGA business. Officers are required to participate in theses meetings on a regular basis. Additional students or staff may be requested to attend the Executive Committee meetings to provide information, perspective, clarity, or technical assistance regarding business items that are being discussed.


E.     Special Meetings – The Executive Committee may call special meetings as needed.


F.     Meeting Notices – E-mails and written notices of general membership and special meetings of the SGA will be placed on public bulletin boards throughout WWRC.


Article IV: Voting


A.     Voting Rights – All clients who are actively involved in WWRC programs and conduct themselves well are eligible to vote on SGA business matters.


B.    Methods of Voting – Methods of voting may be by ballot, voice, or raised hand as determined by the organizational need or as defined elsewhere in the by-laws.


Article V: Officers and Election of Officers


A.     Qualifications to Hold Office


1.      All students who act according to the rules and regulations set forth in the student handbook and meeting the following criteria are eligible for or may continue to hold their position as an officer of the SGA:


a.      Students who run for the office of President must be enrolled in a full vocational training program for thirty (30) days prior to nomination and must have four (4) months remaining in their training program.


b.     Students running for an office, other than President, must be enrolled in a vocational training program for thirty (30) days prior to nomination and have at least four (4) months remaining in their training program


c.      Students running for office must have knowledge of and personally comply with the terms and conditions contained within the student handbook and WWRC rules, policies and procedures.


Article VI: Criteria for Nominations to Office

Each nominee must have completed the leadership orientation program conducted by the SGA Executive Staff prior to receiving and accepting a nomination to an office. Each nominee must also be willing to accept the nomination to be eligible. The nominated student must submit the “nomination form” to the President of the SGA with signatures of students making and seconding the nomination. This form will also include the written approval of the nominee’s case manager and the Leadership Training Program staff member.


Article VII: Nomination of New Officers

Nominations of new officers will be held twice per year, during the months of February and November, with nominations being accepted at the regular monthly meeting of the Student Government Association following the completion of normal business. Incumbents can succeed themselves and can run and hold office for more than one term.

Only student in a full training program may submit nominations.

The Director of Residential Services, the nominee’s case manager and SGA Staff Advisor will meet within four (4) days of the receipt of all nominations to review and insure that all nominations meet all eligibility requirements.

On the fourth Thursday of the month, following the receipt and eligibility certification of all nominations, all students nominated will meet with the Executive Committee of the SGA and others, designated by the SGA Executive Committee, to be advised of campaign rules, requirements of the offices, and to review and sign a document stating that they understand the campaign rules and agree to run for the office for which they were nominated.


Article VIII: Election Procedures

The President of the SGA must announce publicly, two weeks in advance, the date of the meeting for nominations. The date of the election of new officers will be announced at the time nominations are accepted. Each nominee whose nomination is accepted can begin their campaign ten (10) days before Election Day and are encouraged to participate in the “candidates’ night” by addressing the student body about why they should be elected. Each candidate will be allotted five (5) minutes to speak. Respective campaign managers should introduce each candidate.

Election dates will be on Tuesdays before the second Thursday during the months of March and December. Current officers not running for re-election will monitor the elections. The SGA Executive Committee will prepare the ballots used in the election with names on the list that have been approved as legitimate nominees.

Voting will be held in the Dining Hall during lunch & dinner.

The Secretary of the SGA will secure a current list of those students who are eligible to vote from the WWRC Information User Liaison who will provide the list to the Directors of Residential and Evening Services, STRU, SLS, and Case Managers to identify students not in good standing. The SGA Secretary will cross off student names of those who vote from this list as they are given a ballot.

Current officers of the SGA not running for office will count the ballots. Successful candidates and the SGA membership will be notified of the election results prior to 7:30 PM through a posting of the elections results on the SGA bulletin board in the Recreation Hall.

In the case of a tie, a special election will be held between the candidates who have tied, according to the procedures and dates established by the Executive Committee of the SGA.

Article IX: Oath of Office

All newly elected officers of the SGA shall take the oath of office, below administered at the first monthly meeting of the general membership of the SGA following the election. The staff advisor will administer this oath.

“I (name of student) do solemnly pledge / to fulfill the duties of the office of (name of the office) / and to uphold the bylaws of the Student Government Association / to comply with the rules and regulations of the Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center / and to fulfill the Vision, Mission, and Purpose of the Student Government Association.”

Article X: Orientation of New Officers Meeting

The new officers will meet with the past executive staff members on the Monday following their installation in order to effect a smooth transition of leadership. At this meeting, the new officers will be given a copy of the SGA Bylaws, the Leadership manual, and a notebook containing pertinent information regarding the workings of the SGA from the past officers. The past officers and staff advisor will orient the new officers to their tasks, responsibilities, and roles.

Article XI: Offices and Related Duties

The officers of the SGA shall represent the students off WWRC in a positive manner throughout their terms of office at WWRC functions. The officers will maintain, to the best of their ability, the goals, purposes, and vision of the WWRC SGA and be cognizant of the constant necessity of building bridges, communication, and understanding among the WWRC clients, staff, and the community at large. Officers will get along with each other and work together on making WWRC a safe place for all students. Officers will be held to a higher standard than regular students. They are to maintain a positive attitude and work together with the other officers. Officers are not to bring drama into the SGA, we are all here to get along and do a job. Drama will not be tolerated & a warning will be given to those who bring drama into the SGA. You will get a warning once and than the next time you will be out of the SGA.

A.   Generally the officer’s duties shall include:

1.    Review the expressed concerns of student and staff and make sure students get the respect they deserve and that their rights are not being violated.

2.    Plan the action necessary to uphold the goals and purpose of the SGA.

3.    Plan functions approved by the SGA.

4.    Identify and participate in functions and services at WWRC.

5.    Seek approval for expenditures from the Management Support Director for activities and events requiring financial support.

6.    Maintain a committee structure, appoint chairpersons and help those chairpersons to build an active and supportive committee.

7.    Plan monthly meetings of the SGA.

8.    Meet weekly to review and act on the above.

9.    Listen to student concerns and help with problem solving.

10. Administer the duties above as a cohesive group and support one another in their duties.

B.   The Student Government Organization Officers shall consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Sergeant-At-Arms. Also may consist of a photographer if a student is aware that they will use their own camera and is nominated for the position.

C.   Specific Duties of the Offices are:

1.    The President shall:


A.   Maintain general supervision all the businesses of the SGA

B.   Preside and conduct all meetings of the SGA and of the Executive Committee

C.   Notify the Vice-President if he/she is going to be absent from a meeting

D.   Report on an concerns or suggestions presented by the students

E.   Delegate assignments to members, committees, or task forces

F.    Attend WWRC Executive Staff Meetings on a monthly basis and formally report on the business and progress of the SGA in written form

G.   Designate student representatives to various and sundry meetings within and without WWRC

H.   Prepare and distribute meeting agendas for general and Executive Committee meetings through the SGA Secretary

I.      Appoint SGA committee chairpersons

J.    Serve as an ex-officio member of the SGA Executive Committee following his/her term of office


2.    The Vice President shall:

a.    Assist the President as needed

b.    In the absence of the President, conduct meetings and functions of the SGA

c.    Work with, support, and assist all standing SGA committees and Chairpersons as needed to accomplish the work of the committees, and chair a monthly meeting of all committee chairperson the week preceding the monthly meeting


3.    The Secretary shall:

a.    Record all minutes of the SGA General Membership meetings and SGA Executive Committee meetings

b.    Post general membership meeting minutes and plans on designated WWRC bulletin boards and, as appropriate, to the correct session of the WWRC Web Page

c.    Maintain all official records and files of the SGA

d.    Maintain accurate files and records of the SGA’s meetings, activities and actions

e.    Serve as the historian of the SGA




4.    The Treasurer shall:

a.    Prepare checks for signature by the Staff Advisor to satisfy the obligations of the SGA

b.    Complete the monthly Treasurer’s Report of all accounts including the starting and ending balances, expenditures, and revenues received

c.    Present the monthly Treasurer’s Report to the general membership and Executive Committee at their monthly meetings

d.    Maintain complete records of financial expenses and income

e.    Consult with and receive direction from the WWRC Business Education Department with regard to bank statement reconciliation, audit review, proper accounting procedures, and completing all required Treasurer reports on a monthly basis



5.    The Sergeant-At-Arms shall:

a.    Notify the student body of upcoming monthly meetings, including standing committee meetings by posting the notices on the key bulletin boards throughout the Center to include the day, the time and the place of the meeting

b.    Call the meeting to order and lead the Pledge of Allegiance

c.    Maintain order during the monthly meeting

d.    Set up the General Membership meeting room to include the sound system, placement of chairs, tables etc., as needed and appropriate

e.    Be responsible for preparing, posting, and/or distributing all advertisements concerning the SGA and the removal of the same


6.    The Photographer shall:

a.    Take assignments from staff if needed

b.    Take photographs of all events even events not related to the SGA

c.    Take photographs to be put in the SGA newsletter


Article XIII: Staff Advisor

The Management Support Director, WWRC will serve as advisor and consultant to the SGA generally and to the President and Executive Committee of the SGA specifically. In that role, the advisor will:

A.   Consult and advise the SGA leaders on WWRC Policy and Procedures

B.   Consult and advise the SGA leaders on financial matters

C.   Consult and advise the SGA leaders in planning meeting agendas

D.   Consult and advise on leadership training needs for the SGA leaders by assisting the SGA leadership in determining leadership training needs and identifying internal and external trainers to provide skill development in leadership

E.   Consult, advise and direct SGA leaders to appropriate resources to support their initiatives

F.    Serve as a required signatory authority for financial (signing checks) and program purposes

G.   Ensure an annual financial audit is completed on the SGA checking and savings accounts

 Article XIII: SGA Standing Committee Staff Advisor Support

Designated WWRC staff advisors are appointed to consult, advise and support each standing committee of the SGA as follows:

A.   Executive Committee – Management Support Director

B.   Employer Awareness Committee – Management Support Director

C.   Dorm Committee – Director of Evening and Residential Services

D.   Wheelchair Committee – Training Department Principal

E.   Activities Committee – Director of Recreation Services

F.    Dining Hall Committee – Management Support Director

G.   Green Thumb Committee – Director of Patient Therapy

H.   Nature Trail Committee – Director of Patient Therapy

I.      Diversity Awareness Committee – Residential Services Night Counselor

J.    Day Student Committee – Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor

K.   Special Activities Committee – Director of Recreation Services

Article XIV: Resignation/Termination from Office

A.   Resignation from office – Any officer who decides to resign from his/her position in the SGA will notify the President of the SGA of his/her intentions in writing and provide the reason for such action. The Executive Committee SGA will act on the acceptance/rejection of the resignation.

B.   Termination – If an officer of the SGA neglects to carry out his/her responsibilities as determined by the Executive Committee, he/she will be given a written notice by the SGA President as prepared by the SGA Secretary which will be considered as a warning to the officer with a copy sent to SGA files. If the officer in question continues to be derelict in carrying out his/her duties, the Executive Committee, by majority vote will remove him/her from office and appoint another to fill the balance f the term.

C.   Interim Appointments – The President of the SGA shall have the authority to make interim appointments to any and all offices of the SGA due to a resignation or termination in order to fill an unexpired term of office or if sufficient names are not placed in nomination for a SGA office(s)


Article XV: Committees

A.   Purpose – The purpose of standing and special purpose committees is to assist the leadership of the SGA in the transaction of its business. Committees also provide the opportunity for organization members to participate in the business of the organization to which they belong. There shall be five (5) standing committees and such other committees as the President of the SGA shall create from time to time


B.   Standing Committees


1.    Executive Committee – The Executive Committee shall have and may exercise the powers of the organization in the management, execution and implementation of the business of the SGA. All actions taken by the Executive Committee on behalf of the SGA shall be considered for ratification by the general membership at the next meeting of the membership. The Executive Committee shall meet at the call of the SGA President


2.    Dorm Committee – This committee represents the students who live in the dorms while staying at WWRC. It deals with issues and concerns of students regarding their living areas, staff/student relations and living environment enhancement. The committee shall meet at the call of the chairperson.


3.    Wheelchair Committee – This committee deals with concerns of the clients who need to use wheelchairs for mobility and also deals with accessibility to all areas of the campus. The committee shall meet at the call of the chairperson.


4.    Activities Committee – This committee, in cooperation with Recreational Services, plans upcoming events for entertainment purposes, such as shopping trips, etc. This committee meets at the call of the chairperson.


5.    Dining Hall Committee – This committee meets with the Director of Nutrition of the contracted food service company serving WWRC to discuss issues and concerns dealing with the Dining Hall and Snack Bar. This committee meets at the call of the chairperson.


6.    Day Student Committee – This committee represents the students who don’t live on campus at WWRC. It deals with issues concerning the students regarding their program, their living situations, staff/student relations and living environment enhancement. The committee shall meet at the call of the chairperson.


7.    Green Thumb Committee – This committee represents the students on campus who have a love for gardening, plants, flowers and planting. It deals with planting flowers around the Center, maintaining the Garden of Hope, and planting trees around the Center. The committee shall meet at the call of the chairperson.


8.    Nature Trail Committee – This committee represents the students at the Center who have a love for the Starr Nature Trail which is located down by the lake. It deals with issues concerning the maintenance of the Nature Trail, planting trees around the Nature Trail, and the care of the Nature Trail. The committee shall meet at the call of the chairperson.


9.    Special Activities Committee - This committee, in cooperation with Recreational Services, plans upcoming events for the SGA Committees such as the Diversity Awareness Committee, Dorm Committee etc. This committee meets at the call of the chairperson.


10.  Diversity Awareness Committee – This committee represents the students at the Center’s ethnic background, sexuality, religious preferences and any student who has been discriminated against for some reason or the other. It deals with issues concerning weight, sex, race, religion, sexuality, etc. This committee meets at the call of the chairperson.


Article XVI: Amendments

By-Laws may be adopted, amended or repealed by the vote of the general membership entitled to case a vote, which are in attendance at the meeting following a reading of the change, amendment, or repeal at the pervious meeting.

If any problem occurs regarding the SGA for which there is no written By-Law, then general custom, county, state or federal statute, regulation or procedure may be applied to the situation.

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