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Activities Committee


Activities Committee is an important committee because it helps decide what activities are going to happen on campus.

The Activities Committee plans dances, casino nights, carnivals, graduation dances, bingo nights, trips to Wal-Mart and various other places. The Activities Committee is open to any suggestions of activities you would like to see happen on campus. Remember no idea is a dumb idea so bring your ideas and suggestions to the Activities Committee meeting on Thursdays at 7 p.m. behind the big screen TV in the Recreation Hall.

If you would like to give your ideas and suggestions on events you would like to see happen on campus than let an Activities Committee member know. If you would like to request an event than you can download the SGA Event Request Form. If you are going to need money for your event you can also download the SGA Money Request Form.

SGA Event Request Form

SGA Money Request Form

Join Activities Committee now!

To join the Activities Committee you must click on the link above. The password for the signup sheet is activitiescommittee

For Activities Committee events check out our calendar!




Contact us for additional information and dates about activities we offer.

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